• Network Camera

    With the development of modern information society, people’s living standards are rising. Therefore, the need of security is more and more urgent. Especially for “9.11” and London bombings, there is an urgent need for intelligent security monitoring

  • Sports Camera

    Sports camera first came from extreme sport, which is small in volume and convenient to carry with. Now, sports camera is characterized by high frame rate video. Due to limited battery capacity, power consumption is required to be low. Recently, Usag

  • Drive Recorder

    Drive recorder is used to record related information like video and sound. After the drive recorder is installed, video and sound can be recorded when the car is in motion, thus providing the evidence for traffic accident. Recently, drive recorder is

  • Panoramic Camera

    In a new panoramic capture method, you can capture the scene which the traditional camera cannot capture. Once pressing the shutter, you can completely record everything around, thus forming ball-shaped 360-degree panoramic pictures or videos, sharin

  • Intelligent Application

    The rapid development of tablet computer and multimedia internet device promotes the application of cloud computing in these equipment. Supported by touch screen and interactive user interface, multimedia tablet TV is the ideal equipment for informat

  • Home Entertainment

    Intelligent set-top box is a kind of multifunction equipment which integrates traditional broadcast content, high quality OTT content delivery, game console, native media play and internet application. As a result, it promotes the interconnection bet

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